1 000 000

of inert soils handled in 2018

220 000

of contaminated soils handled in 2018

50 000

Of round trips organised in 2018

Why should you use hesus


Evacuation of your inert or contaminated soils? Recovery of your construction waste? Supply you with recycled materials? Hesus is your dedicated contact to make your site management easier, in a few clicks.


Hesus combines the selection of the best reuse, recovery or recycling sites with the most adapted logisitcs to ensure the best environmental and economical services for your project


Legal compliance and best practices are carried out at all time. Documents and tracking data are centralised and accessible in just a few clicks.

Our added value

TIme Saving



Recovery and environment

Hesus works hard to implement circular economy solutions and to protect the environment, especially on your construction sites. To do so, the reuse of backfill on site is favoured and coupled with the best solutions of recovery, remediation or treatment, all that tailored to the specific features of the project. Transportation is also optimized, allowing thus to reduce further the environmental impact of your construction sites.

Who are we ?

Hesus is the greentech partner of construction sites, specialised in the evacuation, management and recovery of soils, materials and construction waste.

Hesus, it is also 10 years of existence and a team of 28 committed people.

Projects in the London area ?

Contact Steven and Marie, our local representatives.

They would be delighted to help on your project!

Steven Kirby

Manager UK

+44 7908 945146


28 Haymarket
London SWIY 4SP

Marie Bierent

Business Developer UK

+44 7761 426 928
+33 6 58 26 32 31


28 Haymarket
London SWIY 4SP